Apollo Ecigs Review

Summary: Apollo ecigs offer a safe way to quit smoking. People can buy automatic or manual configured e cigs. It not only helps to save few hundred dollars annually on smoking, but, it is also free from dangerous chemicals.

Health conscious cigarette smokers are searching online for safe way to quit smoking. E cigs are free from dangerous chemicals including tar and other carcinogens. People can enjoy harmless smoking with e cigs. It also helps to save few hundred dollars every year. It also helps to safeguard the environment, as you will not be throwing out cigarette buds. Some of the e cigs available online offers more puffs for the price you pay and enjoy nice flavors without harming your health. Apollo ecigs is one of the best electronic cigarettes offered online. It offers full satisfaction of smoking with nice flavors including menthol.


Your clothes and cars will be free from cigarette smell once you start using these e cigs. You can enjoy fresh and enjoyable smoking every time you smoke. Apollo ecigs are offered in attractive and enjoyable flavors including vanilla, menthol, banana cream, clove, blueberry, rocky road, peach and mango. You just need to change the cartridge for enjoying different flavors. Yet, it saves lot of money when compared with traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

Apollo Ecigs available in two sizes

Ejuice is offered in large (30 ml) and small (10ml) packs. People can initially order small ejuice packs to try the Apollo ecigs. People, who taste the Apollo e cigs, will definitely love ecigs. People, who want larger puffs, can buy larger packs.

Affordable Price

standardkit_blackStandard kits of e cigs are available at US$24.95. You will get a free portable battery case with every standard Apollo e cigs kit. The portable battery case allows customers to recharge the battery while on the move and enjoy uninterrupted smoking. The battery case is offered in two colors namely black and white.

Office goers can use USB ports of the Computers to charge their ecigs. It is an innovative solution, as many companies do not allow chargers for cigarette smoking. USB charging is convenient and offers value for your money to smoke e cigs and enjoy few puffs even during busy hours without hurting others health.

Starter Kits

apollo batteries-and-chargersThe price of starter kits ranges from US$55 to US$80. You can buy a pack of five cartridges for just US$20. Apollo electronic cigarettes are of high quality and worth the price. Its features include lightweight, classy look and long durable. You will get 2 Li ion batteries, USB charging cable, wall charger along with starter kit. The battery lasts for 300 puffs at a stretch with single charge. It is good option for people, who intend to enjoy harmless and joyful smoke.

Extreme starter kits come with car charger, which allows customers to recharge their ecigs while on the move, between dates, jobs and appointments.

Apollo vTube Kits

vtubekitApollo vTube produces lot of vapor for e cigs lovers. Its features include Voltage setting on LCD display, sleek and chrome body, manual battery operation for controlling length of the drag, accidental activation is prevented through lock button.

Money Back Guarantee

The Apollo Electronic cigarettes are offered 12 months warranty from the date of arrival at customer’s premises. The warranty covers damages during transport and any defects (charger problems, workmanship or any materials) that occur while in use. It is a great option for customers, as they need not spend money for maintenance. Cartomizers and Atomizers come with short time warranty (just two weeks after arrival at customer’s premises). Warranty is offered under standard usage conditions only. The devices that are damaged willfully will not be covered under warranty clause. People need to send the product back to the factory for repair or refund of the amount. You can reach the company via phone, email or online chat. It takes two weeks to process the refund.

Customer Service

Apollo ecigs come with excellent customer service. The customer care executives offer any sort of help in shortest possible time to resolve your issue. The customer care can be reached through unique numbers or by phone. It offers online chat service between 8AM and 11 PM.

Maximize Savings

Customers can make use of discount coupon codes to enhance their savings while making e cigs purchases online. People can avail 17% discount on starter kits through the use of discount coupon ECIGOFF17

Working of Apollo Ecigs

Working of ecigs is very easy. The cartomizer is fitted onto the battery. The ecigs with automatic battery switch ON automatically when you inhale. The manual version comes with a pushbutton. You need to press the push button to produce water vapor. You need to recharge the battery if the LED on the tip flashes. You need to replace the cartomizer if the taste of delicious flavor recedes.

Apollo E-Cigs helps to quit smoking

Apollo eCigsPeople, who intend to quit smoking, are advised to try Apollo e-cigs to satisfy cravings for tobacco cigarette smoking. It may take few weeks to get adjusted to e cigs. You will slowly stop smoking e cigs. It is one of the best ways to stop smoking completely. E juices are offered in five strengths to help people to gradually quit smoking.

Ultra-light e cigs are offered with nicotine level of just 8 mg. Regular e cigs are offered with nicotine level of 12 mg. Unfiltered e cigs are offered with higher nicotine level of 24 mg. Ultra-light cigarettes are offered with 0 mg of nicotine. It is suitable for people, who intend to enjoy smoking without nicotine levels.

Why People Should Consider Apollo E cigs?

standardkit_whiteIt is free from bad smell. It does not produce any second hand smoke. It will also not produce 4000+ chemicals, which are usually found in the smoke of traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can smoke Apollo e-cigs at any place including pubs, bars, restaurants and home.

Apollo e cigs offer lot of harmless vapor to hit your throat and offer smoking satisfaction.

Apollo LI ion batteries will last 30% more when compared to other brands batteries. Apollo e-cigs are offered with free shipping. People can try Apollo ecigs and enjoy safe smoking.

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