Efficacy of Smoke Free Cigarettes – An in depth Look

Summary:  Smoking is a worldwide phenomenon and there are many different products available on the market – cigars, cigarettes and many local versions in each country as well.  The effects of smoking have been known for some time and it is no doubt one of the hardest habits to give up.

nicotine gumThere are a multitude of products on the market aimed at weaning people off a habit that is known to be detrimental to their health – nicotine gum, the patch and lozenge to name a few.  How about the e-cigarette? Is it really an alternative and a safe one? It is being actively marketed as a safe alternative – not that much a cessation device per se.  Unlike other products used to deliver nicotine, battery operated e-cigarettes which deliver nicotine in an aerosol vapor, are not regulated by the FDA.  Well, the fact is that according to the AMA and federal courts, e-cigarettes shouldn’t be subject to regulations as they are just an alternative to regular cigarettes.

Quite a few medical experts are of the opinion that even though they are marketed as alternatives, people are using them as a means to quit – making oversight absolutely critical.  Researchers have sought to address this issue and found that smoke free cigarettes are not entirely successful in reducing cravings or delivering enough nicotine to make a difference.

How effective are they?

mint1-300x200For every study, there is evidence to the contrary.  Many people have tried differing brands of e-cigarettes and found them helpful, to varying degrees in quitting or even cutting back on their smoking.  The most important thing about smokeless cigarettes is that matches are not needed to light up and best of all, there is no smoke.  These battery operated devices offer nicotine directly in the form of a vapor – there is no worry about second hand smoke and so on.  They can be smoked in public places without endangering the health of others.  Smokers also bypass getting all the carcinogens and toxins that are present in a regular cigarette – most of which are introduced during the manufacturing process.

Smokeless cigarettes are easy to light up and are offered in a multitude of flavors which quite a few people like.  Just like any product, there is evidence to indicate that quite a few people have successfully used them to quit smoking as well.  Early versions date back to 1963 – brands such as Blu were introduced during this time.  One of the main reasons that this product works is that it simulates the act of smoking and lets people use them as a substitute.  The fact is that people are still getting their nicotine fix, not just at the same intensity – which allows them to wean off slowly.

It is a good distraction and offers a method to put some distance from a real craving.  There are many good e-cigarettes on the market which form a perfect substitute – they are designed to look and work like the real thing.  These products can be bought online and are much cheaper to use.  One thing for sure is that people who smoke these instead of the traditional ones, most definitely escape the toxic effects of all the chemicals.  It is definitely worth a try – so check out what is available and get on the road to quitting.