Guide to Refilling an Electronic Cigarette

Summary: Refilling an electronic cigarette is done by refilling two parts, the cartridge and the cartomizer. This is easy to do. Drip and the injection methods are the two common methods used for refilling. Refilling cartridges and cartomizers are identical processes.

Refilling an electronic cigarette is much cheaper than buying new pre-filled cartridges all the time. Cartridges and cartomizers are the two parts you need to refill. Refilling cartridge is a very simple process. There are two methods by which you can refill cartridges.

Drip-Method-300x300First is the drip method. Separate the cartridge and the atomizer. Use a paper towel to clean the e-liquid on the outside part of the cartridge. Straighten out the end of a small paper clip. After this stick the clip along the cartridge’s side. This should be done until you reach the bottom part. Pull the clip to one side so that the polyfiber stuffing is also pushed to the side. Pour the e-liquid from the e-liquid bottle to the cartridge’s bottom. Pour till the e-liquid is one-fourth of an inch from the top end. Pull out the clip so that the stuffing will now be back to its original shape thus filling up the cartridge. Now join the cartridge and atomizer together and you are good to go.

injector_useNext is the injection method. In this you would require an injection syringe along with the needle. Using this needle you need to pull out 1 or 2 ml of e-liquid from the e-liquid bottle. Insert the needle down the cartridge. Push the plunger of the needle down. This will fill the cartridge with e-liquid. While pulling the plunger down, you also need to pull the needle out towards the top end of the cartridge. This will make sure of an even filling.

Drip method of refilling cartomizer: Refilling cartomizer is an identical process as to the refilling of cartridges with slight differences. First separate the cartomizer and the battery. Using a paper towel, clean any earlier remnants of e-liquid.  Taking a small paper clip, straighten end of it out.  Use a plier to bend a section of the clip. This bend should be of 90 degree angle. This is used to shove the top part to a side. You should be now able to see the stuffing. In some cartomizers however there might be a stopper also. If a stopper is there, shove that also to the side until you see the stuffing. Using the other end of the paper clip, slide the clip along the side of the cartomizer. Take care not to have it stuck to the stuffing. Gently shove the stuffing to a side. Now drop the e-liquid down the side part of the cartomizer till the midpoint. Put few drops to the top of the cartomizer. This will make it moist.

Injection method is similar as that of cartridges for cartomizers. You would again need an injection syringe and a needle. Remove the cap of the cartomizer. Push down the needle to the battery end. Hold the unit vertical on top of the syringe. Fill the cartomizer with necessary e-liquid. Pull back the needle as stated earlier to ensure even filling. If necessary you can also clean the bottom battery connection.