South Beach Smoke Review

Summary: South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are truly a wonder. The company has truly given a lot of thought in cigarette design, flavors, customer service and what not.

In the world of electronic cigarettes, South Beach Smoke is a popular name. The company has been successful in making numerous people quit smoking and lead a healthy life. Through its products, it has replicated the pleasure of smoking minus the dangers such as unhealthy tobacco, smoke, and other carcinogens. Now you don’t have to bear with the disgusted glances of non-smokers around you. Traditional cigarette smoking has its share of dangers. Why be a victim when you can emerge victorious! The taste of the e-liquids provided by these electronic cigarettes and the essence of smoking is just like real cigarettes.

A Sure Means of Satisfaction…

Quitting smoking is a tough ask. We all are aware of that. South Beach Smoke offers amazing e-liquids and vapors that will keep your mind off from traditional cigarettes and give you an amazing experience. The satisfaction you receive is unmatched. Go through hundreds of positive reviews on the internet and see it for yourself. This is not a review to increase the sale of South Beach Smoke e-cigs. At a time when marketers are doing everything to increase sales, this company is doing everything to make smokers kick the butt. This is undoubtedly a noble cause and hence this review.

SouthBeachSmokeLet us start with the packaging. It got to be given a 4 on 5. The kit offered includes a standard 2.5 inch deluxe supermax e-cigarette, high capacity lithium battery, lithium ion. Or a supermax 3.5 inch e-cig, atomizers and nicotine cartridges (5 in total). The kit comes with a 1-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, AC wall charger, and instruction manual. The assortment cartomizer pack comes with a light nicotine level. You can always choose the flavors. End caps are provided to prevent leakage. The package is well-made and hence an amazing gift option.

The packaging is crisp and smart with a glossy, black backdrop that has radiant designs on the flap. The magnetic flap makes the kit real trendy. Delivery Policy of the South Beach Smoke e-cigarette also gets a 4 on 5. The moment you book your kit on their website and make payment through debit/credit cards or netbanking, the product shall be delivered within four to five working days. This is one big reason why this company is so massively popular. It never fails on its promise. Shipping charges are extra. Always take the membership facilities to avail great offers and benefits.

Warranty and Customer Service gets a 4.5 out of 5. The warranty on the products always lasts a lifetime. The company offers membership programs to the customers simply to ensure the best of services. The membership provides a lifetime warranty on product replacement. A 20% discount on every refill is also offered every time you are buying from South Beach Smoke’s home delivery service. You don’t have to worry about the monthly cartridge supply as they will be delivered at your doorstep without fail in the shortest amount of time. Become a member now. Enjoy free gifts!

sbs batteryBatteries and Accessories demand a 4 and we give them that. The battery performance of these electronic cigarettes is commendable and far better than their previous versions. Thanks to their continuous R&D efforts. Batteries last a long time and are very responsive. These batteries can run on 4.2 volts as compared to the traditional 3.7 volts or less in other brands of e-cigs. As the voltage is higher, the vapor quality is also better and hence a more satisfying experience. The batteries are light and sleek. A heavy smoker can use the battery 3-4 hours non-stop as the liquid runs longer.

There is an LED or emitting diode, red in color and crystal light attached to the battery. The company logo placed strategically at the side is quite attractive. Whenever you inhale, the orange light glows at the tip. The battery starts automatically as you draw and vaporizes the e-liquid inside the cartridge. The cartridges and the flavors offered get a 4.5 out of 5. You can choose from 10 flavor options; all of high quality. There is no chat support available with South Beach Smoke. But this does not hinder anything. The company keeps adding various flavors in their basket.


Menthol and tobacco flavors are immensely popular. If you want to try out something more exotic, you can always go for their pina colada, peppermint, and peach. Vapor output is quite good. The cartomizers have matching functionalities and enhanced looks. The vanilla and the coffee flavors add intensity to your smoking experience while the menthol flavor gives you a feel of ecstasy. The vapor production in a South Beach Smoke e-cig is thick and smooth. The product has been successful in maintaining a threshold sensation that is satisfying but not overwhelming so that it results in a throat hit.

sbsYou will never suffer from a sore throat or any other irritation that is common with real cigarettes. As you can see, the overall rating of a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is quite high. Users from various parts of the world have tried and liked these e-cigs. They have expressed satisfaction through repeated buying, online forums, blogs and customer testimonials. The newer versions of the e-cigarettes are drastically improved from the previous versions. In the past, the company may have faced criticisms from their buyers. However, a constant R&D effort has enabled the company to come up with enhanced versions and fully automatic products.

It goes without say that South Beach Smoke’s 4.2 voltage batteries stand out from others as it provides a smoking feel that is more or less similar to the real cigarettes. You don’t have to stop for recharge every now and then; a common problem faced by smokers of other brands. You can in fact make an effort to quit smoking as this e-cig will always be by your side. The designs that come in 2-3 pieces, the 4 nicotine levels curb down your craving for a real cigarette. It’s time you try it out!

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