Starfire Cigs Review

Summary: It is time you really quit smoking. And what better way than buying a Starfire e-cigarette? The advantages are numerous. Read on…

Starfire Cigarettes is quite a huge name in the industry. It has carved a name for itself through amazing products and customer service. Talk about style, it has it. Talk about class, it has it. Talk about ease of use, mouth-watering flavors, you have it. There’s yet another aspect – the Starfire e-cigs are affordable. Is there any doubt why these e-cigs are such a popular name in this smoke-free industry? The stylized cigarettes come in 9 flavors available in varied nicotine amount. You can also find e-cigs here that are free of nicotine. Their style and their flexibility make them so massively popular.

Starfire Cigarettes Features

Starfire CigsStart with the starter kit. That’s best for the first timer. These kits are perfect to make the customer get used to or get accustomed with the very concept of electronic cigarettes. The first time e-cig smoker might have difficulty in getting used to the product. The starter kit is very easy to use. E-cigarettes are not harmful to you or the people around you. The vapors provided are inhaled easily and you don’t produce smoke in return; only vapor. Thus, instead of being branded as a bane to the environment, you will be called environment-friendly.

While all e-cigarettes boast of doing so, the Starfire cigarettes do it in a better way. The benefits are numerous. You just have to start using it. The starter kits come in five mouth-watering nicotine-based flavors. Of course the strength of nicotine varies. The cartridges come with a 1 year warranty. The kit also contains a wall charger, a USB charger, 2 batteries, and a charging case. Thus, if you are seriously trying to quit smoking, the Starfire Cigs starter kit is your best option. Moreover, you get to avail the 30-day money return guarantee. That is awesome!

The customer support of Starfire E-cigarettes is commendable and is one the primary reasons why the company has been so successful. All products of this company come with an assurance of quality. Therefore, you are always in good hands. The easy instruction manual will kick-start your puffs in a jiffy. If you have any questions, you can always ask the support staff for prompt answers. Although people have more or less nothing to complain about these e-cigs, the support staff is always a respite for those who are facing problems. Starfire cigarettes are extremely user-friendly. Once you use one, you will know.

batteries.jpgStarfire cigarettes come with an indicator. The cigarette tip has an LED indicator which blinks as soon as the cigarette battery goes below a certain point. This makes one thing certain – you will never ever fall short of the vapors. This pre-hand indication signals you to recharge. This option is for those who are trying hard to quit smoking and would need the Starfire e-cigarette at all times. These e-cigs are not use-and-throw items. The use and throw ones are pretty expensive and not always suitable for everybody. Starfire cigarettes are refill-based cigarettes. You can use a cartridge only once and then throw it away.

kitincludes-flavorThe moment your cartridge is used up, you can order a refill immediately. This is the reason Starfire cigarettes are affordable when compared to the one-time use e-cigs. These American e-cigs contain vegetable glycerin and do not contain propylene glycol. Thus, these e-cig sticks do not contain any harmful substances that might be a part of other brands. An internet survey has suggested that Starfire Cigarettes also offers the best variation in flavors as well. You will be pampered with 9 different flavors such as tobacco, menthol ice, cherry blast, Turkish tobacco, watermelon splash, juicy peach, gourmet coffee, appletini, and French Vanilla.

All these are real flavors. You are sure to be satisfied. If you are a chain-smoker, start with the Turkish Tobacco or the Premium Tobacco to keep those smoke cravings at bay. These two flavors undoubtedly provide the best taste to the smokers. The Turkish Tobacco offers the rich taste of tobacco with occasional bursts of caramel. This means the exact pleasure of smoking a real cigarette. However, the best part is – it is healthy! Starfire Cigs has successfully replicated the exact taste of tobacco through its e-liquids. Hence, quit smoking now!

Soon you will notice a reduction in urge towards conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is the juncture every smoker dreams of. All other flavors mentioned above are of high quality. Try them out and fix your taste. Another characteristic of these Starfire Cigs is that the cartridges don’t take a long time to heat up. The super-efficient atomizer heats up the liquid and quickly turns it into vapor. This vapor is the strong supplement for the smokers who depend on unhealthy tobacco cigarettes. You choose a liquid depending on the nicotine strength. Some of them are quite strong. Please choose accordingly.

spriteChoosing the right amount of nicotine for you is not a problem. Just like the huge choice you get for the flavors, the nicotine strengths are equally available in a wide variety. This is a strong USP of the brand. Use this e-cig for a few days and soon you will have less nicotine cravings. You will be satisfied with the vapors. This is not some promotion of Starfire Cigs. These are straight from the mouth of the users. Refresh your taste time to time with new flavors. The pungent tobacco taste is a big turn-off. The menthol ice is a favorite among many.

starfire-logoThe design is sleek. It’s elegant, it’s stylish, and it’s worth a try. You have to praise the Starfire packaging. Go for the white or the black, these e-cigs are always a prized possession. Their sophisticated design will make you own them. If you are going for the black sleek design, you will find a blue LED tip embellished on the e-cig body. The white design has a red LED tip. Starfire Cigs offers great health benefits such as improved breathing, improved pulse, improved respiratory system and breathing, and improved blood pressure. Don’t you want to have one?

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