V2 Cigs Review

Summary: For those who enjoy the taste of a cigarette, it is difficult to lose the habit. However, today through modern technology, not only can they continue to smoke, but with none of the negative effects of a cigarette.

The normal cigarette has a host of negative effects on those who smoke. Thus, it is near impossible for a person who smokes to be unaffected. Smoking also affects those around the smoker and this is called second hand smoking. This is just as dangerous. There are various negative effects of smoking and have been known for years. However the addictive quality of cigarettes has made it extremely difficult for most smokers to quit easily. There are also those who have tried to quit but have regressed and begun smoking again. In such cases, the individual needs to find a better method of coping with their addiction.  E cigarettes such as V2 provides a healthier alternative.

V2 Cigs Starter KitCigarettes are known to be extremely dangerous for all those who smoke and those around them. The tobacco within cigarettes is responsible for numerous types of cancers and diseases in a smoker. The carbon monoxide produced from smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. This affects the amount of oxygen reaching the brain and other internal organs. This also negatively affects the heart which needs to work harder to pump the required level of oxygen into the tissue, muscles and organs of the body. In many cases, this leads to strokes and heart attacks.  In fact, studies have shown that one of five heart disease caused deaths and at least three of four such deaths in youths are due to cigarettes.

However, smoking is also dangerous for those who are around smokers. This is called second hand smoke. Studies have shown that those who don’t smoke but live with smokers have a 25% higher risk of death from heart attack and stroke. Thus the desire to protect one’s health and the health of those around them is an added incentive to quit smoking. However, as mentioned earlier, it is not an easy habit for many to quit permanently. Thus, in such cases, an effective alternate needs to be found.

The best method of dealing with the addition of cigarettes is to find a method of resolving the same with a harmless alternate. V2 cigs are the best option in this case. Each e cigarette contains a liquid and a small dose of nicotine which is what a smoker is actually addicted to. The device heats the liquid causing fumes to appear similar to a cigarette’s smoke. The individual can inhale this vapor which acts as a delivery system for the nicotine. There is no smoke, no smell or ash. Other than the nicotine, there are no harmful chemicals in the V2 cigs either. They do not contain any tar or cause the appearance of carbon dioxide or monoxide.

V2-Cigs-batteries-colors-white-black-stainless-steel-metalic-blueA normal V2 e cigarette is made of three main parts. The rechargeable lithium battery, the vaporization chamber and the cartridge. The battery heats the cartridge which then atomizes the fluid into vapor in the mentioned chamber. The individual then inhales these vapors. Today, cartridges come in various different flavors such as chocolate, menthol, etc. They even come with different dosages of nicotine or with no nicotine at all.  The difference between a normal e cigarette and a V2 cig is that the V2 cig contains two chambers. One with the battery and the other with the flavored cartridge. The cartridge itself contains an atomizer which reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance. Once the fluid in the cartridge is used up, they can be easily disposed and the cig can be fitted with a fresh cartridge. The fluid in the cartridge contains a solution of water, propylene glycol, nicotine or no nicotine and the desired flavor the smoker wants. The cartridges with nicotine also come in different strengths to suit the requirements of the individual.

v2 ecigsV2 cigs come in a stylish design which allows a user to look as though they are smoking a real cigarette but without the negative effects. The design of this amazing ecigarette allows the user to even give puffs of ‘smoke’ when using it which gives the appearance of a genuine cigarette. Thus this is a good option for the fashion conscious who do not want various diseases to befall them and those around them. The V2 cigs also ensure that the user does not suffer from a constant dry mouth, coughing fits and bad breath as is common with normal cigarette users.

The V2 Reputation

V2 cigs are extremely popular with many users. They are available in different sized packs and have different refreshing flavors. In fact, they even have a starter pack with a set of each flavor so the individual can choose their preference. The different flavors include: V2 Red which has a Virginia tobacco flavor, V2 Congress which has a flavor similar to Parliament, Marlboro Lights, Benson & Hedges etc, V2 Sahara with flavors matching Camel, Kent, V2 Tobacco Disposables which is similar to Pal-Mal, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, etc.

V2_Flavor_CartridgesThey also have those in special flavors such as mint tea, peppermint, menthol, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cherry, grape and cola, etc. Each of the zero strength cartridges contains no nicotine at all. V2 cigs not only look stylish and offer customers a wide range of flavors, but they also take their customers health and safety into consideration. All electronic products created by them are tested to ensure they meet the required standards with regard to quality, cartridge consistency, weight, temperature, etc. They also come with a child proof packing to ensure that small children do not accidentally use them.

They provide a lifetime warranty for their products and have the largest list of different flavors to suit customer requirements. They also provide manual batteries and a portable charging case as well. They even provide a traveler kit for those going on journeys with a portable charging case and a car adapter. Thus V2 Cigs not only help control the addiction to harmful cigarettes, but with their wide range of accessories, flavors and good customer service ensure that customers never go back to their deadly addiction again.

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