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Summary: Smoking is one of the worst habits a person can cultivate. Not only is it unhealthy for the smoker but also for those around them. However, quitting the habit is quite difficult. However, with Vapor Couture, a person can continue to smoke with none of the negative effects of a normal cigarette.

The most common phrase we hear today is ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. This is quite true. The various different chemicals present within a cigarette and created due to the usage of one are extremely harmful. Cigarette smoke has been known for the cause of death of thousands of people across the world. The most dangerous part of this is that the death toll includes those who do not smoke as well. Just by being around a person who smokes, an individual runs the risk of falling sick or dying. In such cases, the desire to quit smoking is quite high. However, the breaking of this addictive habit is extremely difficult. The fact that it is also considered stylish and ‘cool’ does not help either. However, with Vapor Couture, a person can look stylish while ensuring that there is no harm done with this type of smoking.

vapourcouturewomenThere are various different diseases, illnesses and negative effects of smoking. It harms the lungs leading to susceptibility to illnesses such as bronchitis and lung cancer, it can affect the blood vessels and cause them to thicken. Carbon monoxide produced during smoking can leach oxygen out of the blood which travels to various organs, muscles and tissue. This causes the heart to work overtime and be under vigorous strain pumping more blood to the organs. Smoking also affects those who are around a smoker. They and those around them are also susceptible to heart attacks and strokes along with various other heart and lung diseases. It is also extremely harmful for pregnant women and their fetus. Inhaling smoke can make them susceptible to inner ear infections, stunted development, bronchitis, etc. Thus quitting smoking is essential for each woman. It is to help women that the brand Vapor Couture was created. They deal exclusively with women and have created various different e cigarettes for women alone. With chic designs, smart accessories and delicious flavors, they have created a product uniquely meant for women.

vapor_couture_ecigsTheir distinctive line of e cigarettes comes in four different shades. Each is designed to appear as an ultra-thin cigarette with a jeweled tipped battery which can be recharged and cartridges of different flavors. They also offer matching clutches, charms and bracelets to go with the e cigarettes. Usually an e cigarette is made of three distinct parts. Those are the cartridge with the special fluid (This is usually a combination of water, nicotine, flood grade flavor and propylene glycol), the atomizer and the battery. The battery charges the atomizer which heats the special fluid turning it into steam which when released can be inhaled by the user. This allows them to take their daily dosage of nicotine. However, Vapor Couture is made of only two parts i.e., the battery and the cartridge. The cartridges come with an atomizer inbuilt. They are also disposable. This reduces the need of regularly cleaning the e cigarette.

Vapor Couture cigarettes are thus quite popular with customers for their ease of use. The disposable nature of the cartridges ensures that each person who uses this device finds it convenient and simple to use. This exclusive line of e cigarettes for women allow for a wide range of customization to make them unique to one particular woman’s choice. There are also different flavors a person can indulge in. The flavors available are:

flavorsRodeo Drive – America Tobacco which matches the flavor of Marlboro, Winston etc.

Bombshell – Turkish Tobacco which is similar to Camel, Merit etc.

Fresh Mint is similar to mint and menthol cigarettes such as Marlboro Menthol, etc.

Passion fruit is the only fruit flavor currently available.

These are all available in 4 strengths depending upon the amount of nicotine present which are Full 18mg, Med 12mg, Light 6mg, and Zero which actually contains no nicotine at all. They will soon be adding two new flavors which are Cool Mint in all four strengths and Strawberry Champaign which will come in Light 0.6%, Medium 1.2%, Full which is 1.8% and no nicotine.

More information on Vapor Couture

vcreviewVapor Couture has created the perfect solution to a woman’s smoking addiction. The e cigarette ensures that while a woman can continue smoking, without the negative effects. The absence of tar and other chemicals in an e cigarette ensure that the smoker and those around her are not negatively affected. With the lack of combustion, there will be no ash or smoke created making it a clean product which does not affect the environment or those around the smoker. E cigarettes by Vapor Couture also ensure that the smoker does not suffer from a dry mouth and bad breath. The negative effects of smoking such as cancer, lung diseases, heavy coughing, etc., are all avoided ensuring the smoker has good health.

The Vapor Couture range offers customers an e cigarette in four distinctive shades which add to their appeal. They are also available in different starter kits to suit the individuals taste and requirements. The colors are White with the signature logo pattern, Rose Gold, Deep Purple and Platinum. These colors are available for the body of the cigarette and the battery cover and the customer can change or combine colors as per her choice.


Unlike other e cigarette manufacturers, Vapor Couture manufactures their cigarettes themselves. Rigorous tests are conducted to ensure the consistence and safety of each cigarette and cartridge within. The blister packing on the cartridges ensure they remain fresh and cannot be tampered. There are a range of different accessories offered with these cigarettes including stylish clutches, beautiful charms etc. For those who are travelling, they even provide a car adapter for charging. The e cigarettes are available in three different types of kits. The Essential kit consists of 2 batteries and chargers and 10 cartridges; The Deluxe kit comes with 2 batteries and charges, 10 cartridges and 1 bracelet with charm and clutch; The Deluxe sampler has all the same contents as a deluxe kit but instead of 10, it has 20 cartridges to go with.

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