What Comes Out of the Electronic Cigarettes Vapor?

Summary: Electronic cigarettes are manufactured under stringent quality procedures. It is safe to smoke even at offices because it emits just water vapor. People can choose nicotine free e juice / filtered ECigs and safeguard their health from the dangerous effects of nicotine and other chemicals.

e-vapor-cigarettesElectronic cigarettes are safe to smoke even in places where cigarette smoking is banned. Traditional tobacco based cigarettes release dangerous chemicals when you smoke. It will harm your lungs and lead to development of cancer etc. On the other hand, ECigs are free from dangerous chemicals including tar and other carcinogens. You will be just inhaling water vapor. The water vapor consists of less concentrations of nicotine. Some of the e juices are even free from nicotine completely. You are free to choose your own e juice. ECigs are for people, who intend to stop smoking dangerous tobacco based cigarettes and safeguard their health.

blu_electronic_cigaretteECigs are offered in two or three PC configurations. It operates with a battery. ECigs Switch ON automatically when you inhale. Some of the manufacturers add a bit of water to the e juice. The water content in ejuice is approximately 10%. Propylene glycol is utilized in ejuice as the base. It helps to create vapor. Propylene glycol is widely used in food items to keep them in moist condition. It is also employed in air conditioning units because of anti-microbial properties.

E cig manufacturers also use vegetable glycerin to make the liquid a bit thicker. About 20 to 30% of vegetable glycerin is employed in e juice. Vegetable glycerin is also employed in food items. The users can choose suitable combination (20 to 30% of vegetable glycerin) for enhancing their smoking experience.

Attractive Flavors

E juices are offered in various flavors including menthol, lemon, mint, coffee, chocolate and waffles. People can choose their own flavor. It offers real smoking experience to cigarette lovers.

Electronic Cigarettes resemble that of real cigarettes. It offers nice style. It can be smoked while on the move without causing any side effects to the people, who sits in adjacent seats.

People can save few hundred dollars annually through changing over to ECigs. It also safeguards the environment and the health of others, who sits or standby close to you. It will not create any second hand smoke, as you will be just inhaling the water vapor.

Our lungs slowly absorb nicotine slowly. It is likely to cause lung diseases in the long run. Water vapor coming out the ECigs is free from these dangerous side effects on our health.

Improved reusability

ECigs are offered in reusable configuration. You just need to change the cartridge and reuse. It saves you money apart from enjoying different flavors of e juice. Many health conscious smokers are gradually changing over to electronic cigarettes due to improved health benefits. People can choose filtered ECigs to further filter nicotine levels in the water vapor.

People can buy ECigs online from various retailers. Many online retailers are offering attractive discounts on ECigs. People are advised to read user reviews posted in online forums to choose best brand of electronic cigarette that offers nice water vapor for enhancing smoking pleasure without smoking the real tobacco cigarette. Google or Bing can be used to locate best ECigs brands and improve your health.