Women and Smoking – Why switching to E-cigarettes is a good idea

Summary: Smoking is not confined to any particular class of society or gender for that matter – an equal number of men and women smoke.  It is also a well-known fact that like any other addiction, smoking is one which is hard to give up.

woman_ecigIt is not uncommon to have at least one family member who smokes – it is especially difficult if it is a partner.  Many women get into the habit of smoking – it starts off as a one-time event during adolescence and some women tend to persist with the habit into their later years.  Smoking affects women differently than men and it is by no means an easy habit to kick.  There are many methods which are being made available to those who seriously want to give it up – the patch, nicotine gum, lozenges and now – e-cigarettes.  Since women have the capacity to bear children as well, it becomes very important for them to give up smoking for this and other reasons.

E-cigarettes are made with micro technology and offer the same effects as traditional cigarettes.  These contraptions work on batteries and are able to deliver nicotine to people without the added carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful chemicals that are present in cigarettes.  They offer people the satisfaction of smoking without posing a danger to their health or people around them.  Here is a look at some of the reasons why women should switch to e-cigarettes.

Reasons to switch:

  • Complications during pregnancy: Research conducted by the CDC and other medical groups has shown that women who smoke actively or passively on a regular basis will have some health issues.  This becomes a serious issue especially if they are pregnant – fetal growth can be compromised; premature delivery is a possibility, as are still births.
  • Death from fires: Regular cigarettes can cause fires and accidents due to carelessness.  As per statistics, fires caused by cigarettes are far more in number and lethal as well compared to the ones caused by cooking, space heaters or even candles. More people have become health conscious – but there is still a large percentage of the population who keep smoking despite the information available.  Since e-cigarettes are battery operated, the chance of fires is nil.
  • Higher insurance premiums:  If a person smokes or lives with a person who does, insurance companies start to charge higher premiums to offer health coverage.  Even though the smoker may take their habit outside and away from family, the very fact that people are being exposed to smoke and at risk of picking up this habit, is taken into account by insurance companies when they calculate premiums. E-cigarettes reduce this risk tremendously – one can save themselves a visit to the doctor as well.
  • Decreased asset value:  As a property owner, there will be occasions when one will want to move out of the home or sell a car.  It is hard to sell the property – smoke and smells have a way of getting into walls, upholstery and rugs.  No one likes to live in a musty environment and one can be assured of low values if they don’t give up smoking.
  • Constraining relationships: One of the biggest side effects of regular smoking is that a non-smoker doesn’t want to get close – smoking also lowers the sex drive.  This eventually causes problems in dating and marriages.