Year 2012 – The E-Cig Year of Challenges, Confrontations and Goodness

Summary: The blazing world of cigarettes has seen a revolutionary change in the last couple of years. Contemporary ways of smoking a tobacco cigarette is being replaced by the technology oriented safe-to-use electronic cigarettes. Year 2012 has seen by far volumes of highs and lows in this electronic cigarette market.

Year 2012 has been seemingly astonishing for the electronic cigarette industry. With an increased number of highs and lows, the year was a witness to the most revolutionary up-gradations, modifications, confrontations and challenges for e-cigs.

ecigDid you ever think that smoking could be fun, safe and a pleasure seeking act which will not harm your co-people surrounding you? The answer is electronic e-cigarettes.  There have been a growing number of universities and professional organizations who have taken steps to confront passive smoking and introduced smokers to new horizons of safe smoking without any qualms. A research done by the University of Catania showed 50% of the people who tried using the electronic cigarettes on their suggestion have quit smoking. There have been instances in the university where people have agreed that by the intake of electronic cigarettes, one can surely quit smoking very easily without the feeling of missing the taste and smoking experience. It has also been proved that e-cigs work better than lozenges, gums and patches to stop bad breath and odor; the most embarrassing aftereffects of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Latest-E-Cig-StudyA recent study of April 2012 showed tremendous changes in the lifestyle and work style in people who quit smoking with improved memory, mood, concentration power and reduced craving for a puff. As a result, people are now shying away from the usual pattern of smoking and have changed tracks with smoking safe. A study at another university showed that there has been a sudden change in the number of second hand smokers and passive smoking with the onset of e-cigs in use. All these studies were researched and reported at the annual conference held in London by British Psychological Society.

E-cigarettes have a pool of benefits

benefits-of-electronic-cigaretteThe increasing demands of e-cigarettes have given head over heels to the tobacco industry. With the e-cigs seeking so much attention, the leading tobacco companies have begun to venture into the e-cigs manufacturing. The greatest benefit people have witnessed is that e-cigs does not demand refraining a smoke but automatically replaces the toxic smoking into a tobacco, smoke and odor free smoke. With e-cigs, it is always a safe smoking without disturbing the essence of enjoying a smoke with the same taste and invigorating smell.

The report published in August 2012 in the Financial Times read that the leading tobacco companies of the world are thinking of alternatives and replacements for e-cigarettes such that they don’t lose their customers and at same time business.

banned smokingAdvertisements featuring tobacco was banned in the United States of America in 1971 itself. However, the revolutionary change of replacing tobacco cigarettes with that of electronic cigarettes showed many national and international campaigns running all across the world to share the advantages and benefits of e-cigs.

On the whole the year 2012 was a year of many ups and downs. Though there were many studies that showed the negative prospects of using e-cigarettes such as psychological effect on a passive smoker, there have been many studies that have also shown great information and know-how of the benefits of an e-cig intake. The studies also revealed that e-cigs provide great aid in smoking cessation. The year showed the high stalked tobacco companies entering into the e-cigarette market clearly displaying the fact that e-cigs have hit the market to kill tobacco and toxic smoking.

Having said all this, year 2012 ended with a lot of learning and guided an incredible beginning for the year 2013 with prospects of paramount importance and benefits.